Support of Natural Law During the Construction
TM Sidhas control the weather with attention on favorable conditions

The Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge

was built during the 79-80 winter season by
dedicated and hard working construction workers and volunteers
when no one said it could be done, and in record time.

Date November 14 December 27 January 2 January 12
Stage Concrete foundation Building frame Adding roof Roof finishing
1979 50 F  1979 38 F  1980 30 F 1980 54 F
1978 34 F  1978 23 F 1979 4 F 1979 6 F

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Report on Support of the Weather
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Pure Knowledge, the Absolute knowing itself, has infinite organizing power.  From the very beginning of our construction project, the infinite organizing power of Pure Knowledge organized Nature to allow us to raise our Golden Dome in the winter season, when no one said it could be done.

On five occasions in the depth of winter the temperature rose 40 to 50 degrees in a day, when we needed warmth to pour and dry the cement.   The cement dried in one day on each occasion.

On January 10th, 22 thousand square feet of floor was poured.  The previous day, January 9th, the temperature was 5 degrees Fahrenheit.   At 11:00 pm on January 10th, it was 52 degrees Fahrenheit, and crystal clear.  

The Weather Bureau had predicted snow, and temperatures in the 20's.   "It was a strange thing" they said, "only 15 miles away, it was more than 20 degrees colder."   And only 150 miles away, the worst blizzard of the year was raging.

The last time that the first snow came as late as January 6th here in Fairfield was 1880, 100 years ago.  The infinite creativity of Nature, gave us all we needed, and more, to raise in Iowa, a Golden Dome to be a concrete foundation of Pure Knowledge.

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"And we must feel obligated to whosoever is controlling the weather.  And this is what the collective desire of the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment creates --  support from nature -- a very beautiful demonstration of the spontaneous support from Nature for what the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment desire to do." - Maharishi

Natural Law has infinite organizing power, as was exhibited during the construction. Many times the temperature rose as much as 50 degrees in a day, which enabled the workers to pour and dry the concrete foundation.

Even while there were blizzards in other parts of Iowa, and colder by many degrees, it was not snowing in Fairfield, which helped to speed the construction of the Golden Dome.

According to weather bureau records, not in 100 years had the snows come so late in the winter in Fairfield Iowa. Snow came January 6th, after the roof was up, and inside electrical and finishing work remained.

The estimates for completion, even by professionals with many years of experience in building domes, were six months to over a year, yet the Dome was completed in only 108 days, mostly by volunteers, in time for its Inauguration on January 12, 1980.

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