"Avert the danger which has not yet come"

"Hayam Dukam Anagatam"

The best security service not only helps combat or solve the crime or invasion that has occurred, by providing movement information and evidence for prosecution.  It also helps prevent the crime or invasion from happening in the first place.

Security cameras do both.  They provide undisputable evidence that can be used in court, to convict a burglar or trespasser.  They also make potential offenders think twice before coming on to your property.  When people know they are being watched, they tend to behave in accord with natural law.

The Sanskrit aphorism "Hayam Dukan Anagatam" means "Avert the danger which has not yet come."   The Vedas advocate the preventive approach of expanding awareness, or the conscious capacity of the mind, through meditation towards higher states of consciousness. 

The highest state is called "Brahman Consciousness" and the saying goes that "Brahma has a thousand eyes." 

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U.S. Government agencies realize the preventive value of "eyes everywhere", and global awareness to the security of our nation.  The National Security Agency monitors thousands of security cameras worldwide, including high resolution cameras in satellites.

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With security cameras you can have eyes everywhere, protecting yourself, your property, and your loved ones.

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